Dining out on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day, also known as the Feast of St. Valentine is just a couple weeks away, and if you haven’t made a restaurant reservation yet, well, it’s time to think about cooking at home (or perhaps visiting a White Castle or Waffle House near you). But don’t feel left out, I won’t be dining out either…by choice, mind you. So even if you have secured a two-top at some romantic spot, I’ll still try talk you out of it. Not because I have a disdain for self-proclaimed romantic restaurants or because I take issue with “love.” No, I have other reasons why you should think again about going out for a Valentine’s Day dinner.

Its amateur night!

Valentine’s Day attracts restaurant novices–those people that complain too much about their wait or their table or their undercooked steak. Too many rookies at any one restaurant can disrupt the flow and feel of a place. It’s the same reason I avoid hotspots on the weekend. The chances of mediocre meal are greatly increased.

Inflation- Cost vs Value

I can remember taking Caroline out for a romantic dinner at a high end restaurant and after recovering from the sticker shock when the bill arrived, we both stopped at the Windmill for a huge order of cheese fries.

“Free glass of champagne with your dinner” really means “we’ve jacked the price of all the food items on the menu to make up for it. But any smart, savvy restaurant will charge more for, say, a three course prix-fixe on Valentine’s Day than on a normal day.

Obnoxious PDA

No matter how in love you are, I don’t want to see you making out in a restaurant—on February 14 or any other day. Nobody does.

I’ll admit, there’s something sexy about a late dinner in a dark restaurant. After a few glasses of wine, your booth starts to seem less like furniture and more like a private retreat. The conversation is flowing, there’s lots of laughter, and all of a sudden, whoops! Your face is attached to another human’s face. It happens.


Exactly what is romantic about eating in a loud, packed-to-the-rafters dining room (yes, restaurants add extra tables for night’s like this) If you enjoy that more than a quiet, pasta dinner at home, perhaps you’re with the wrong person.

Bottom line: If you love your partner, cook for them!

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