Craft Brews on the move

Today I am touching on a subject that is near and dear to many of my followers hearts and that is craft beer. Beer Labels in Motion in which Trevor Carmick takes some of our favorite beers, takes their logo and animates them in GIF's we could look at all day.

Naturally, Carmick isnt wasting his time with Coors or Miller; instead he is opting for craft beer which have gained popularity not only for their unique brews but also for their killer art.

Some favorites? Hop Suplex where they are shown lauching themself off the top rope. Hell or High Watermelon, where the Statue of Liberty picks watermelon off a barge as she perches herself on the Verrazano bridge or the Classic Dogfish Head.

Check out these GIF's below and head over to Tumbler to see if your favorite craft beer is there.

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