Dark Chocolate-Coconut & Raspberry Pancakes

Ok, self admitingly this is more of a dessert recipe than for breakfast but who am I kidding- it can be made any time of the day or night.

Most pancake recipes you may find have you making the batter from scratch. No need, any complete box mix ( one with someones aunt on the front cover ) will do just fine. Its the quality ingredients you add to it that make this recipe. You can also keep that maple syrup in the cabinet or refrigerator. You wont need it. We are going to serve these pancakes with a warm raspberry preserve sauce.

So with that said, enjoy and Happy Sunday!


2c. Complete pancake mix

1c. Whole milk

1/2c. Coconut milk

1Tbsp Coconut Rum ( Malibu )- Optional but highly advised.

1 Dark chocolate bar- Chopped

1 Pint Fresh Raspberries

1c Toasted coconut flakes (Sweet)

3/4c. melted raspberry preserves

1/2t coconut extract


~ In a bowl mix pancake mix with milk, rum and extract

~ On medium heat, scoop batter in a non stick skillet or flat top

~ Drop chocolate chunks onto each pancake as bubbles start to surface.

~ Flip and stack on serving plate.

~ In seperate pan warm raspberry preserves

~ Spread coconut on sheetpan and place in 350f oven until golden brown.

~ Drizzle with raspberry sauce and top with toasted coconut and fresh berries.

#pancakes #coconut #chocolate #raspberries

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